How to display Instagram Hashtag Feed on WordPress website

Do you want to display a Custom Instagram hashtag feed on your WordPress website?

A hashtag feed can help keep your website updated with fresh content. Recently it has become difficult to display a hashtag feed on your website, without the help of a developer. In this article, we will look at a simple method of displaying an Instagram hashtag feed on your WordPress website using a plugin. 

Why you need to display Instagram Hashtag Feed on your WordPress site?

Businesses with Instagram pages spend a lot of time creating quality content for their Instagram accounts. There are several advantages of displaying a custom Instagram hashtag feed for the WordPress website. 

  • Allows you to reach a wider audience – when you display your Instagram feed on your website, your content reaches a wider audience. It allows users to connect with you on Instagram as well as your website. 
  • Displaying an Instagram feed also helps to grow your followers on Instagram. 
  • It also helps in providing social proof and thereby boosting conversion. 
  • The feed can also help you collect data for targeted ads. For example, as people discover your Instagram account, and engage with it, Facebook and Instagram will collect the data and you can use it for targeted ads. 

There are many other advantages of displaying custom Instagram hashtag feeds on your WordPress website, but these are the main ones. 

The above are advantages of displaying your Instagram accounts feed on your website, but what about displaying a hashtag feed on your website? Here are a few benefits. 

  • A hashtag feed that refreshes at shorter intervals will ensure you always have fresh automated content on your website. This will help increase the time spent by visitors on your website. 
  • A hashtag feed also helps to channelize the traffic and improves the click-through rate, time spent on the page, engagements and boosts conversions.

Installing the plugin

Step 1: Open the plugin’s installer

In your WordPress dashboard navigate to the Plugins menu and click on Add New

Step 2: Search and install the plugin

Using the search box, search for the Easy Social Post Feed plugin. Once you find the plugin click on Install Now

Once the plugin has been installed you will need to activate it. Click on Activate. 

This plugin is an excellent solution for anyone looking to display a custom Facebook feed, a custom Instagram feed, a Facebook like box (Page Plugin) or an auto pop-up. 

Setting up the plugin

Once the plugin has been activated you will get the following prompt. You will need to select the features of the plugin that you are looking to use.

Step 1: Activate the custom Instagram feed feature

As we are looking to display a custom Instagram feed, click on Use this feature, under the Custom Instagram Feed option. 

Step 2: Connect your Instagram account

Click on Connect My Instagram Account

Step 2 Connecting a business account

You will need a Facebook business account in order to display a hashtag feed on your website. If you don’t already have a business account you can convert your personal account to a business account by using this guide

When prompted for the account type select Business and click on Connect

You will then be redirected to Facebook. You will need to confirm you are using the correct Facebook account if you are logged in. If you are not logged in you will need to log in. 

Click on Continue as

Select the Instagram business account that you would like to connect to and click on Next

You will need to give the plugin the required permissions. Click on Done

On the next screen click OK

You will now be redirected back to your WordPress dashboard. You should now have successfully connected your Instagram business account to the plugin. 

Step 3: Setting up the Shortcode

Click on the USE (DISPLAY) tab. 

Here you can see various options for creating the feed.

We will go through each option in detail. 

Step 3.1 Select the Account

The plugin allows you to connect multiple Instagram accounts. If you have connected multiple accounts you can select which one you would like to create the feed for, from this drop down. 

Step 3.2 Using the Hashtag feature

This is a premium feature of the plugin. You will need the pro version of the plugin to be able to use this feature. It allows you to display a hashtag feed on your website. 

Simply specify the hashtag that you would like to display in the feed. In the example below we have used the “cats” hashtag. 

This will override the username option and display feeds by hashtags only.

Step 3.3 Feeds Per Page

This allows you to show only specific feeds. Simply paste the number of feeds in this field. 

Step 3.4 Selecting a skin or the layout

The plugin comes with some pre-made skins that you can choose from. You can select any skin that you wish from the dropdown. There are 5 different skins that you can choose from. 

Step 3.5 Adding a Wrapper Class (optional)

In the Wrapper Class section you can easily add the custom CSS class to the wrapper of your Instagram Feeds.

Step 3.6 Limiting the caption words (optional but recommended)

You can show limited caption words. Simply paste the Caption Words number in caption_words parameter.

Step 3.7 Cache time (important to set the interval to look for new posts)

You can change the cache unit, which can be any number that you want. 

You can also select the cache duration which can be in minutes, hours or days. 

For example, if you set the cache unit at 5 and select the cache duration as minutes, the feed will refresh every 5 minutes. 

Step 4: Generating the Shortcode

Once you are done configuring your desired options click on Generate. 

Then click on the copy button to copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

You can now use this shortcode to display the Instagram Hashtag feed anywhere on your website including a page, post, widget or any other section of your website where you can enter the shortcode. 

Step 5: Displaying the Instagram Hashtag feed on your website

You can display the Instagram Hashtag Feed on several places on your website. This can be a page, post, widget or any area that accepts a shortcode. The plugin is compatible with all popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver builder and many others. 

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to page and click on All pages. Select the desired page that you would like to display the feed on and click on Edit. 

In the example below we have chosen the Home page to display the feed on. 

Paste the shortcode in your desired section on the page. Then click update. An example is shown below. 

Here is an example of the feed on the front end if you are using the hashtag option. 

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