How to use skins?

Create skins to design and customize each feed according to your own requirements. It allows you to customize the header and change layouts etc. in real-time by using WP customizer API.

The plugin automatically create skins for each layout on installation so you just need to copy the Skin ID and use it in the shortcode to see your feeds in selected layout with default settings. You can edit skins to customize.

You can create multiple skins and each skin will have it’s own values if you just add skin ID to your shortcode it will be designed according to the skin. Sounds cool? let’s create a skin.

  1. Navigate to “Easy Facebook Likebox – ESPF > Facebook > Skins tab” and click on the create new skin button.
  2. Add the Title, Description and Featured image, It’s for your understanding purpose. Select the layout which you want to attach with the skin and select your account for preview.
  3. Click on the Create button. Skin will be created automatically and it will take you to the real-time interface to edit the value of the skin and customize your awesome feeds.
  4. We have separated the settings to Layout Settings, Header, Feed and Media Lightbox section.
  5. The layout section will have only layout related settings. You can select the layout here.
  6. The Header section will have all the settings related to headers like Background color, Text color show or hide each option and a lot more settings you can check in your skins.
  7. The Feed section will have all the settings related to single feed like colors, paddings, margins, enabling disabling certain things and a lot more.