Authentication With Facebook

The most important part of the plugin is linking your Facebook pages with the plugin app. Don’t worry we make it very easy for you awesome users. Simply follow the following steps and you are done.
  1. Navigate to “Easy Facebook Likebox – ESPF > Facebook”
  2. Click on the Connect My Facebook Pages button. It will take you to the Facebook login page if you are already logged in the login part will be skipped. It will ask you to continue with the logged-in account. It will ask you to give our app permission to get your name and ID. Click on allow button.
  3. It will ask to give our permission to get a list of pages and Connected Instagram account with pages. Please note this will not allow us to publish your page and anything like that it will simply give us permission to get a list of pages you manage. Click on Choose what you allow to see a list of pages and Instagram accounts. Select the ones you want to display your feeds. Click ok
  4. Congratulations! you have successfully authenticated your Facebook pages with the plugin. Facebook will now provide us an access token(which is required to display page feeds) and we will take you back on your site with the access token and automatically authenticate the access token and shows you a list of pages you gave the permission. Please wait it can take some seconds because of API call to the Facebook server.
  5. After successful authentication it will automatically take you to the next step.

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